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Class Rules Review Games: Fun paper-based & PowerPoint activities!

Class Rules Review Games: Fun paper-based & PowerPoint activities!

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Nagging your students and constantly reminding them of classroom rules is no fun for them or you. Why not make it into a game? Or better yet--two games, one paper-based, one in PPT form! Both games can be played all throughout the school year: switch up the two versions depending on the time and resources you have available at the moment.

Because the games only provide the questions and not the answers, they can be played in any classroom by any teacher. You can also change and adapt your procedures throughout the year without having to change the games.

These are teacher-directed games you can play whole class or with a small group of students for a few minutes a day, a few minutes a week, or whenever you have a few moments that you need to use constructively. I like to play the games for about 15 minutes after long holiday vacations and other times when students are apt to forget the classroom expectations. I also tend to use the games more for the first few days after a new student transfers into the class.

Your download includes:

* Directions for playing the paper-based version and PowerPoint version of the game

* 4 pages of printable procedure questions for the paper-based game

* 1 blank page to create your own procedure questions (not editable: simply print and write your questions in)

* 13 PowerPoint slides centered around different classroom procedures, routines, and expectations: fully customizable and editable so you can enter your own questions

Please download the preview to learn how to play both versions of the game and to see the categories covered in the PowerPoint.


See what other teachers are saying!

These were great and the beginning of the year and we have continued to use them to review our rules when we need to. This helps get the students engaged and take responsibility for their own actions. Thank you!! - Laura M.

Reviewing rules is tedious but when you make it a game, the students respond much more eagerly! - Lisa C.

Loved all the questions you had on the powerpoint. we're doing a slide a day as we get back into the swing of things this January! - Rachel F.

I used this product during the week before Christmas break when my students started to get a bit sloppy with classroom rules and procedures. I plan to use it to review again in January. - Young Historians

I love this! I use it at the beginning of the year, and after breaks to remind students of the way our room works! - Elizabeth J.

The resources included in this packet are a wonderful asset to assist in classroom management. - Mary Reene Oakley

Just the mid-year refresher my students needed! - Crystal I.

I am a student teacher who is still testing my own procedure ideas and practicing my mentor teacher's ways. I loved looking through this list because it made me realize there are many rules or procedures I would have never thought of. Thanks for the help. And I like that I can use it in different, quick ways throughout the year. - Anne Marie Scott


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