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Clean Desk Anchor Chart: Mini lesson + printables for teaching desk organization

Clean Desk Anchor Chart: Mini lesson + printables for teaching desk organization

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Clean Desk Anchor Chart: This file contains 8 versions of a clean desk diagram and a three pages of teaching ideas to help you teach your expectations for student desk organization!

Since posting a photo of my hand-drawn clean desk anchor chart on my website in 2005, I've gotten numerous requests to create a printable version. I'm excited to share these new printable signs featuring custom graphics made by Ashley Hughes of The School Supply Addict. I have included multiple versions of the signs because I am unable to accept requests to alter the graphics or the wording on the signs. Thank you for understanding!

There are versions with the proper term for the indentation on the edge of the desk, which is a "desk lip" and a version with the words "edge of desk" if you don't want to introduce that term to students. (I notice that students find the term funny and memorable, so it's actually a great thing to teach them.)

I've also included versions that have a label saying "name tag left alone" if you want to teach kids that's part of keeping a desk clean. If you don't (or if you don't have name tags on desks), there's a version that doesn't include that as part of the clean desk criteria, though the name tag is still pictured.

Finally, I've included versions with the backpack at the desk and without, in case you have students keep their belongings in cubbies or on hooks.

In summary, the following items are included in your download:

Versions with backpack:
Sign 1: has name tag labeled and uses term "desk lip"
Sign 2: has name tag labeled and uses term "edge of desk"
Sign 3: no name tag labeled and uses term "desk lip"
Sign 4: no name tag labeled and uses term "edge of desk"

Versions without backpack:
Sign 5: has name tag labeled and uses term "desk lip"
Sign 6: has name tag labeled and uses term "edge of desk"
Sign 7: no name tag labeled and uses term "desk lip"
Sign 8: no name tag labeled and uses term "edge of desk"

Three pages of teaching ideas (including a step-by-step mini-lesson that tells you exactly how to use the diagram with your students) are also included.



See what other teachers are saying!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! Such a great idea to provide a visual of what a clean desk should look like. We always say "clean your desk" but it never occurred to me that we might all have a different opinion on what that should look like! Now, when I want the kids to clean their desk, I simply project the clean desk image on my Smartboard and they know EXACTLY what to do! - Anonymous Buyer

This has made a BIG difference in my classroom, especially for my visual learners!!! You rock!!! - Alice Tallackson

Organization can greatly impact a student's success in school, yet I have to remind myself often that students must be taught explicitly how to organize their materials and their desks. Thanks for providing these helpful instructional materials and diagrams! P.S. Love your book!! - Karen P.

This was a great tool for helping to communicate expectations about a clean desk. With a variety of picture choices, you can choose the one that works in your situation. Now, students can see exactly what I am looking for. (Plus, it helped me clarify that idea for myself.) Thank you! - Polliwog Place

Thanks. My desk are so clean now. I put a copy on the student's desk that is not clean. It is a positive way to tell them to clean their desk with a picture, and no nagging! - Ginger Johnston

I have loved this idea ever since I read about it in Angela's book and have been wanting to make a poster like hers for several years. However, I kept procrastinating on this project because I am not good at drawing. I LOVE THIS!!! This is exactly what a non-artist like me needs. It looks so professional, and I especially love how she uses it for a dual purpose - desk organization AND teaching diagrams. I found this product to be exactly as the seller described it. If you're wanting to improve your students' desk organization, this is a MUST HAVE at a VERY reasonable price! Thank you, Angela! - Karen C.

Love this! I keep a copy of it on my white board as a reference. I have a "desk fairy" who comes on occasion, who checks to see that student desks are like the one in your printable, and leaves a treat behind on the desk! :) One thing that we disregard though is the backpack on the floor because our backpacks are hung on the wall in the back of the room. Great idea though!!! - Lauren W.


Angela Watson

Note: There are copyright watermarks across all images of the desk diagram on the preview images. There are NO watermarks within the product download.

ALSO NOTE: This resource is included at no cost for members of the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club, as part of our focus in the month of JULY on The Self-Running Classroom in the Full Year program, and Week 4 of the Fast Track program.

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