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Addition KITs: Editable math games for school or home

Addition KITs: Editable math games for school or home

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These EDITABLE addition games can be used as math centers, in-class math partner games, or for FUN math fact practice homework assignments!

KIT stands for "Kids Into Thinking." Since class time is usually reserved for instruction and higher-order thinking activities, memorizing addition facts often becomes a homework task. I created the KITs to provide a fun way for my students to practice addition facts with their parents, siblings, cousins, neighbors, or friends. They are naturally differentiated and work for students in grades 1-4 at a variety of ability levels.

If you do have time for addition fact practice in class, use these KITs as math partner games and/or math centers! Students can play them with a partner for 7-10 minutes per day at the start or end of your math instruction, or in the middle of a long math black to break up the time. General instructions for this are included.

To make the KITs, you'll need to print the items in this download and gather some basic materials (like flashcards, dice, counters, and playing cards.) A full list of items needed is listed in the preview version of the product, and in the full version, everything is also spelled out clearly for you with photographs and detailed instructions.

There are TEN KITS (ten games) in this download: simply make one set of KITs for each group of ten students you have in your class. Students can check out one KIT each week for ten weeks.

The download includes a 66-page PDF with the following:

- Cover page
- Explanation of what the KITs are and their terms of use
- 10 pages (one for each KIT) with photographs and directions for gameplay
- 3 pages of FAQs which tell you exactly how to create, introduce, manage, collect, and assess the KITs
- A list of materials you will need to provide to make the KITs
- A chart explaining how to make each KIT
- Links to download free printable multiplication flash cards and times tables
- Two alternative KIT ideas and directions
- An explanation of how to create the printable game boards, game cards, and KIT labels
- 8 pages of printable game boards and game cards
- 13 pages of large full-color KIT labels (10 plus 3 blank ones)
- 7 pages of small full-color KIT labels
- 13 pages of large black and white KIT labels (10 plus 3 blank ones)
- 7 pages of small black and white KIT labels
- Back cover page

Your download also includes a 51-page EDITABLE Word document with the KIT recording sheets/directions. These pages allow students to keep track of which KITs they have checked out and explain how to play each game. You can customize these, then print and store them inside each KIT. There is a set for students #1-10 in your class, #11-20, and #21-30 (with instructions on how to easily make more if you have more than 30 students.) There are also recording sheets for the two alternative KIT ideas I provide.

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) emphasize speed and accuracy with core facts--what better way to help your students become proficient with addition?

Note that these games are the SAME as the ones included in my Multiplication KITs, with only minor adaptations. If you want to use both KITs, I recommend using the addition KITs during the first semester and multiplication KITs in the second semester. I've found that students enjoy playing familiar games and seeing them adapted for different operations. Another bonus that comes from using the same games for addition and multiplication is that you will need to spend very little time creating the second set of KITs because you already have all the materials gathered. Introducing the games to students and teaching them how to care for the KITs the second time around will also be much quicker. Click here to get the addition AND multiplication KITs in a discounted bundle.


See what other teachers are saying!

I love how all these games can be played over and over again. Rather than just once and the question are rigorous. looking forward to sending them home to practice with parents. - Katelynn T.

Exactly what I needed! Thanks for allowing us to customize! - Katie S.

This product will be a great addition to our classroom fact games. Can't wait to try these as homework options next school year! - Rebecca P.

We have a big math fluency focus this year on my campus. These are great! - Mary Anderson

Great activities to send home with parents who want to help at home. - Megan Hobaugh

Wow! can't wait to 'dig in.' With 75 minutes of math instruction next year, this will be helpful - Kim Wilder

these are incredible for supporting our guided math initiative. Meaningful homework! thanks! - Smithleen

A very complete package. I really love that you allow us to edit it so that we can make it fit our classrooms! I am looking forward to getting kits made, thank you - Cathy Nelson

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Be sure to check out my website where there are hundreds of pages of classroom management resources that make teaching more effective, efficient, and enjoyable! You'll find photos, activities, printable forms/posters, and more.


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