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3rd Grade Operations & Algebraic Thinking: 11 Math Games

3rd Grade Operations & Algebraic Thinking: 11 Math Games

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These 11 games cover every CCSS-aligned third-grade operations and algebraic thinking topic for only $1 each! The games reinforce the 3.OA.A.1, 3.OA.A.2, 3.OA.A.3, 3.OA.A.4, 1.OA.C.6, 1.OA.D.7, and 1.OA.D.8 standards, including skills such as:

• Multiplying to find the product
• Showing products using equal groups, arrays, and repeated addition
• Finding the quotient using equal groups
• Telling what the numbers in a division problem mean
• Showing division as equal sharing
• Using all four operations to solve word problems
• Choosing the operation in one- and two-step word problems
• Determining the unknown number/missing number in multiplication & division problems
• Using the properties of multiplication and division to solve problems
• Identifying the multiplication problem related to a division problem
• Using multiplication to solve division problems
• Recognizing and explaining the relationship between multiplication and division
• Memorizing all products (multiplication facts/ times tables) within 100
• Choosing strategies to solve multiplication and division problems
• Using estimation to justify answers
• Identifying numerical patterns
• Explaining the rules for a pattern using properties of operations
• Explaining the relationships between numbers in a pattern

Although the games are perfect for two-player math stations, math centers, math tubs, etc., you can engage your students in meaningful problem-solving discussions by having them all play the same game at the same time for about 10 minutes per day. This is a math partner game routine I've created and explained thoroughly in the preview download.


These are the three main benefits to having all kids play the same game at the same time: 1) You can conduct mini-lessons and strategy discussions around shared experiences before and after gameplay, 2) You can focus on facilitating critical thinking and observing students' problem-solving attempts during gameplay, and 3) Students play the same game for a week, so you have lots of targeted opportunities for reinforcing higher-level thinking skills, identifying and addressing misconceptions, and scaffolding student learning.

There are so many games included in this product that you can play some during math partner game routines, use some as small group lessons or whole class lesson activities, place some in your math centers, and even send some home for students to play with their families! The game cards and resources can double as student manipulatives during math lessons. Each and every one of these versatile games features:

- Integration of higher-level thinking and critical thinking skills (not just rote practice)
- Hands-on activities through which kids actively construct knowledge: no worksheets!
- Options for open-ended gameplay so that students are not "finished" until time is up
- "Challenge" activities to extend gameplay and/or differentiate it
- "Math Talk" questions/prompts to encourage students to analyze strategies and reflect orally or in writing about what they're learning

These two-player math games were created for (not retro-fitted to) the increased rigor of the CCSS, so they will be challenging for most students. The games are designed to help you model and reinforce the math practices and core content skills that students will need when solving complex, multi-step word problems. Here's what you'll get in the product download:

* 20 pages of info and forms that contain everything you need to get started with math partner games. There are blank partner game lists, tips (with photos!) for how to create/ store/ organize/ distribute/ collect the games, and lots of ideas for how the games can be used for skill-based mini lessons and math journal reflections.

* 11 pages of game instructions: there's one page for each game, featuring the materials needed, directions for gameplay, a Challenge activity, Math Talk
questions/prompts, the CCSS alignment, and student-friendly "I Can" statements.

* 39 pages of old-fashioned sweets-themed game boards, cards, and other colorful and fun materials for gameplay. Most of the materials are open-ended and can be used in lots of different ways so you have fewer items to print and create. The only additional items you need to provide are paper clips to make spinners.

UPDATED: PRINT AND GO! You now get a zip folder with your purchase that includes individual PDFs for each game! If you only want to print and use one game at a time, you can easily print just the PDF with that game’s instructions and materials.

PLEASE NOTE: I have adapted each game concept to meet the level of rigor required at the corresponding grade level, and no two games are exactly alike. However, because there is some overlap in the CCSS between grade levels, some of the games and materials in the 1st-5th grade operations and algebraic thinking products are similar. Please keep this in mind when considering whether to purchase games for multiple grade levels.


See what other teachers are saying!

Wow, these look great. The directions and thought behind them is comprehensive. Thanks for all your hard work in developing this resource. - Amanda F.

Great resource that goes along with Common Core. Thank you! - Kelley H.

Another great product to use with groups in a coteaching setting or in a resource/intervention class as review. The games are engaging and challenging. My students enjoy working on them as partners! - Kim

I am making the change from four years of second to my first year of third this year, so I am looking forward to using this in my classroom. Thanks for making my transition smoother! - Treva M.

These packets are great. They keep the students entertained while practicing their math concepts. - Anonymous Buyer

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