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15 Working Memory Brain Games: Improve executive function in 5 minutes a day!

15 Working Memory Brain Games: Improve executive function in 5 minutes a day!

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WORKING MEMORY BEST SELLER--UPDATED FOR 2024! These 15 research-based brain games are designed to improve kids' working memory in five minutes of partner gameplay daily for just 9 weeks!

If you've ever complained that students lack the following skills, an executive function of the brain called working memory might be the issue!

-staying focused and on-task
-following complex and multi-step directions
-copying information and taking notes
-keeping their place in a text
-retelling stories
-explaining strategies
-reorganizing their thoughts to accommodate new information

Implementation is simple: each week for approximately 9 weeks, choose a different game for your class to play. Project the direction card for students to see (or explain verbally to emergent readers) and model gameplay. Then have students pair up and play the game for 5-10 minutes each day that week. Students' working memory skills can be strengthened after just one grading period of daily practice!

This product includes everything you need to conduct working memory practice in your classroom:

* A through explanation of what working memory is, why kids struggle with it, and how they can benefit from working memory practice

* The brain research studies behind these games proving that 5-10 minutes of practice for 8-12 weeks is enough to product significant working memory gains in elementary children

* A mini-lesson to introduce the games and the concept of working memory to your students

* Simple suggestions for integrating daily partner games into your regular routines

* 15 different working memory games, each on its own printable card (spanning visual-spatial memory, auditory skills, letters, words, and numbers)

* A challenge activity on every game card for students to try as their working memory increases

* 6 pages of fun, colorful game materials: just print and cut!

* 2 optional work mats to help students organize the game materials

* Black and white versions of all materials and cards

PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE FREE PREVIEW to learn more about the games and see sample materials.


See what other teachers are saying!

This is an amazing resource. I have noticed more and more that children's memories are not as good as a few years ago. I am going to have students that need this practice daily. Thank you! - The Write Stuff

My grade-level colleagues and I are so grateful for the minimal prep these games require and the ease with which we can simplify them for our kindergartners. We are eager to put them to use. - Susan G.

We have been using these for a few weeks and my students LOVE them. We are already seeing an improvement in the number of numbers and/or letters they can remember in sequence. Thank you for a GREAT product! - Ruthanne Focht

Great resource for my CAPD students as well as my ELL/IEP kids - Debbie L.

I have been using these for 2 weeks and already see the benefits... thank you! - Nicole D.

I was blown away by the research-based background explanations provided, as well as the creativity of the games, and how the supporting materials for the games were included. I've been homeschooling this year, and have been working on working memory with my child. We're seeing great progress, and I'm so glad I found this set to add variety for school time! - Rebecca A.

Working with students who are unorganized and unfocused this looks like a great tool I can use every morning to "rev" up that brain!! - Stephanie C.


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