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Puzzle Strips: Customizable open ended activities for skill practice

Puzzle Strips: Customizable open ended activities for skill practice

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Tired of spending money on products that you can only use one time with students? These puzzle strip activities are one of the most versatile classroom items you can buy: they work with just about any grade level, subject area, and concept you teach! Once you show students how to use them, the possibilities are limitless and puzzle strips can be integrated into every unit of study.

The product includes:

* Step-by-step directions (with photos) for creating puzzle strip activities

* Instructions for having students create the text for puzzle strips themselves

* 6 pages of suggested ideas to help you use puzzle strips in reading, writing, math, science, social studies and more

* Tips for saving paper/ink and creating re-usable puzzle strip activities

* 40 full color puzzle images

* 20 black and white puzzle images

* Blank puzzle templates for students to draw and color their own images

* Link to an editable PowerPoint document so you can type rather than hand write your puzzle strip text if desired (puzzle image slides are NOT editable, per the graphics terms of use)

DOWNLOAD THE FREE 16-PAGE PREVIEW to view instructions, all the different uses for puzzle strips, and the puzzle images.

Here are just a few of Puzzle Strips uses suggested in the preview/product (with examples!):

-ordering numbers

-computation practice

-word problem strategies

-retelling a story of text

-main idea and summarizing practice

-word work

-grammar practice

-sequencing events

-describing a process

-retelling an investigation


See what other teachers are saying!

Versatile, complete, logical and adds novelty to otherwise skill and drill practices! THANK YOU! - Sarah Beth G.

This is fabulous! I have so many ways I can use this. So simple, so usable. Thanks! - Elizabeth R.

This will work well with my SPED students! Thank you! - Kammera R.

Your suggested uses were very helpful. I am looking forward to using this in all subjects, as this project is a great way for students to practice higher order thinking. - iTeach 5th

Thanks for creating these. I love a new way to help kids practice skills, study, and review. I also appreciate the variety of templates and ideas on how to use them. - Christin Senechal


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