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Middle School Sub Plans: EVERYTHING you need for 10 days of absences

Middle School Sub Plans: EVERYTHING you need for 10 days of absences

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GOOGLE DOC version included! Imagine never having to create 6th, 7th, or 8th grade sub plans again--this resource has everything you need for high-quality emergency sub plans which you can use anytime you have an unexpected absence. Prep them once and you never have to worry about spending hours prepping for a sub when your priority needs to be caring for yourself or your family.

Less than $2 for each day’s worth of open-ended and naturally differentiated activities!

Use these same 10 sub plans all day long, no matter how many different preps you teach—these are skills ALL middle school kids need practice with, and are adaptable for almost any content area!

You’ll get 10 RIGOROUS and engaging activities to use for just about any subjects you teach. They’re designed for a 60 minute class period, but are open-ended and can easily work for a 45-90 minute class period:

1-Personal Goal Setting Plan
2-Growth Mindset: What Does It Mean to Be Smart?
3-Overcoming Setbacks: A Game Plan for Resilience
4-What’s Your Conflict Management Style?
5-Vocabulary Choice Board
6-One Pager: Show What You Know
7-Pitch Your Idea
8-Create an Infographic
9-What I Wish We’d Learn
10-Create a Review Game

Printable PDF and EDITABLE GOOGLE DOC formats are both included!

There's no additional prep work or materials needed: simply print class sets of the activities and tweak the schedule for the sub to fit your schedule, and you’re done.

These activities are challenging for kids but easy for subs: there are short, simple directions that ANY sub can easily follow, with minimal teaching required. If you end up with no sub and your students get split among other classes, students can complete these on their own while working in other teachers’ rooms.

Also useful for:

* ISS lesson plans (in-school suspension activities students can complete independently)
* Advisory period lesson plans
* Homeroom period lesson plans
* Filler activities if you're called to meetings unexpectedly


BONUS! Your purchase also includes:

* Tips for simplifying sub preparation and making your absences run smoother (in PDF and audio form)
* Editable forms with important class information for the sub to reference
* Editable sub plan template (simply tweak for your daily schedule and expectations)
* Editable slideshow for the substitute to display to the class with a personalized message from you and outline of the day’s schedule to keep everyone on track
* Editable sub report for the substitute to let you know how the day’s lessons went


Download the free preview to get a better look at what’s included AND access one day’s assignments for FREE!



Every grade from K-12 is available! Click here to see other grade levels.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The middle and high school resources are extremely similar: you do NOT need to purchase both if you teach gr 6-12, or change grade levels. If you teach 6th grade in an elementary school and have the same students all day, check out the 5th-grade emergency sub plans, as those are designed for your schedule and should be rigorous enough for 6th grade as well.)


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