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Growth Mindset 10-Lesson Unit, Bulletin Board, and Interactive Journal

Growth Mindset 10-Lesson Unit, Bulletin Board, and Interactive Journal

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GROWTH MINDSET BEST SELLER--TYPABLE AND GOOGLE SLIDES VERSION NOW INCLUDED! This growth mindset resource includes EVERYTHING you need to teach about growth mindset in a meaningful way!

Imagine if your class was full of students who would:

* Be willing to try new things
* Stick with hard tasks and not give up
* Push themselves to do their best work, not just what’s “good enough”
* Believe in themselves and their own ability to learn

Here’s the great news–these are traits that we can help develop in our students by teaching them that the human brain is like a muscle that can be trained through repetition and practice. When students realize this, they develop a growth mindset: the belief that abilities can be developed through commitment and hard work. And once they have a growth mindset, they can learn anything.

I created this unit to provide everything you need for teaching your students about growth mindset. Designed for grades 3-5 (and modifiable for grades 2-8), the unit is highly flexible, and can be taught in any timeframe you’d like (I recommend one lesson per week during the first month of school, with the remaining six lessons spread out through fall and winter.)

Once you print the growth mindset materials, your prep work is done and the teacher’s guide walks you step-by-step through each activity. However, the tasks are open-ended and adaptable so you can be responsive to your students’ needs and adjust things easily as you go.

With your purchase, you'll receive 3 growth mindset PDFs in a .zip file:

* Complete teacher's guide with step-by-step instructions for each of the ten lessons
* Link to a page on my site with embedded video clips for teaching growth mindset
* 20 page interactive student journal (all the materials you need for each activity)
* 10 pages of a growth mindset bulletin board set, provided in full color and black and white
* 3 printable posters and certificates of completion for the end of unit

Please note that some of the background patterns appear dark in the PDF, however, they come out much lighter when printed and use a minimal amount of ink.

**A typable PDF version of the student journal is included for remote learning. Also, the PDF is unsecured so you can separate the pages and assign only one at a time if needed. You'll also find an editable version in Google Slides.**

The activities in this unit are designed to inspire students to take charge of their learning and empower them to think critically about what it takes to be successful. Download the preview to see sample activities and learn more about these growth mindset activities.




NOTE: This resource is included at no cost for members of the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club (FULL YEAR), as part of our focus in the month of MARCH on Student Accountability and Motivation. It is not included with 40 Hour Fast Track.

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