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FREE Fraction Cards for sorting, matching, & other hands-on activities

FREE Fraction Cards for sorting, matching, & other hands-on activities

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These free fraction cards can be used as math manipulatives in your math centers or workstations. They're designed to be used with the following products:

3rd Grade Fractions Math Partner Games: 10 Games Designed for Common Core
4th Grade Fractions & Decimals Math Partner Games: 14 Games for Common Core
5th Grade Fractions Games: 12 Games Designed for Common Core

The games are $1 (or less) each and are sold as a bundle for the domain so you get everything you need to teach all the CCSS standards for 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade fractions, including multiple games for the major standards so students can explore the concepts in different ways.

With your game purchase, you'll receive:

* 20 pages of info and forms that contain everything you need to get started with math partner games. There are blank partner game lists, tips (with photos!) for how to create/ store/ organize/ distribute/ collect the games, and lots of ideas for how the games can be used for skill-based mini lessons and math journal reflections.

* 10-14 pages of game instructions (depending on the grade level): there’s one page for each game, featuring the materials needed, directions for gameplay, a Challenge activity, Math Talk questions/prompts, the CCSS alignment, and student-friendly “I Can” statements.

* 30 (or more) pages of rockstar/music-themed game boards and mats, game cards, spinners, and other colorful and fun materials for gameplay. Most of the materials are open-ended and can be used in lots of different ways so you have fewer items to print and create. The only additional items you need to provide are page protector sheets, Vis-à-vis or dry-erase markers, paper clips to make spinners, and some sort of fraction manipulatives (like fraction bars or strips).

Be sure to check out my website where there are hundreds of pages of classroom management resources that make teaching more effective, efficient, and enjoyable! You'll find photos, activities, printable forms/posters, and more.



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