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Energy & Stress Management Unit: 10 lessons with PPT and student journals

Energy & Stress Management Unit: 10 lessons with PPT and student journals

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Students need enough energy to participate fully in learning, but not so much energy they can’t sit still and focus. This unit will help students understand how to monitor the factors which impact their energy levels, and create daily habits that help them shift low-energy moods and maximize high-energy moods. 

Through this 10-lesson unit, students will experiment with approaches that help them meet the following goals:

  1. I understand how energy levels vary among people and over time.
  2. I know which factors impact my energy levels and how.
  3. I am aware of stressors which deplete energy and how to manage them.
  4. I value sleep and prioritize rest as catalysts for energy.
  5. I know when (and how) to use movement to re-energize.
  6. I practice healthy lifestyle habits to restore my energy.
  7. I can identify low energy moods and know how to shift them.
  8. I can identify high-energy moods and know how to maximize them.
  9. I can find new research and strategies for managing energy.
  10. I reflect on and communicate about my energy levels.
These lessons are designed to be no-prep or minimal prep. You don’t have to master any of these skills yourself before introducing them to students, as you’ll be learning alongside each other. Each unit has:
  • A teacher’s guide (1 page per lesson): This tells you how to prepare and gives you the key ideas taught in the lesson.
  • An editable slideshow presentation to guide you and your students through each lesson: Teaching the concepts and introducing activities to students is super simple: just follow the prompts on each slide in PowerPoint! 129 slides are included, all with professionally designed graphics. All video clips are embedded in the slides so you can play them offline and won’t have problems with website blockers.
  • A 10-page student self-reflection journal in both printable and typable formats: The length of the journal depends on the unit, but the format is designed to minimize printing and paper use with no filler, fluff, or half blank pages. You can also assign the journal to students in your LMS (such as Google Classroom) and keep everything digital.


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