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End of Year Checklists & Classroom Close Out Plan

End of Year Checklists & Classroom Close Out Plan

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This is the end-of-year close out system you’ve been looking for! The editable end-of-year checklists will make shutting down your classroom easy and painless.

No more rushing around like crazy during the last week of school—this year, things are going to be different. This system will show you how to deconstruct your ENTIRE classroom in JUST ONE DAY!

Read (or listen to the MP3 version) for a complete end-of-year game plan:

* Decide what to do each week to prepare for the summer classroom shutdown
* Follow 4 steps to deconstruct your entire room in JUST ONE DAY
* Purge your classroom of clutter at the end of the year
* Set yourself up now for success in the fall

Included with this resource:

* Printable and audio version of your complete game plan for classroom close out (PDF/MP3)
* Editable end-of-year-checklist to plan all close-out tasks at a manageable pace (Word Doc/Google Doc)
* Editable list of kid-friendly close out tasks which you can delegate to students (Word Doc/Google Doc)

This system works for ANY grade level! Download the free preview to see how.

NOTE: This resource is adapted from the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club materials. If you are a club member, you do NOT need to purchase this item, as it will be sent to you in a special bonus during the first week of May! Send us an email at if you’re a member and want to start planning out your end-of-year now.


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