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{FREE} Dr. King's Positive Peace: What does it mean to be an ally for justice?

{FREE} Dr. King's Positive Peace: What does it mean to be an ally for justice?

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This free PowerPoint lesson + graphic organizer is based on Dr. King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail.”

Included is a 32-slide PowerPoint that you can use to guide students to understand Dr. King’s thoughts about what it means to be an ally. The lesson is also designed to help students reflect on the difference between negative peace (an absence of tension/conflict) and positive peace (the presence of actual justice.)

The PowerPoint is designed to essentially teach the lesson for you—simply project it for your class to see, and either you or student volunteers can read the text aloud as it appears. Pause for student discussion/reflection on the slides where this is indicated. Plan to spend approximately 15-20 minutes on this process.

There is also a one page printable graphic organizer students can complete afterward. This resource guides students to define negative and positive peace and examine examples from either their own lives or from the news. Students then identify a way they can choose to work toward positive peace.

The PowerPoint is completely editable so you can change the wording to fit your students’ needs.

(Note: If you do NOT feel it’s appropriate to end the lesson by calling your students to take action on social justice issues, you may choose to delete the final 4 slides. End the lesson with the “think about it/talk about it” questions instead.)


In summary, you get: 

* 32-slide editable PowerPoint lesson

* Printable graphic organizer

* Teacher's guide

I hope this is a helpful resource as you guide students to be more reflective and empower them to create positive change in our nation and world.



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