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3rd Grade Sub Plans: EVERYTHING you need for 10 days of absences

3rd Grade Sub Plans: EVERYTHING you need for 10 days of absences

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Imagine never having to create sub plans again! This resource has everything you need for third grade emergency sub plans which you can use anytime you have an unexpected absence. Prep them once and you never have to worry about spending hours prepping for a sub when your priority needs to be caring for yourself or your family.

You’ll get 60 rigorous, engaging, and easy-to-understand activities, one for each of these 6 subjects for 10 full days:

-whole group reading
-small group/partner reading
-social studies

Note: These are NOT supposed to be easy review activities or busywork like most sub plans! They are designed to provide rigorous and challenging work for kids even though you are not there. If all your students already know how to read and do all the activities you leave for them, they will be bored, act out, and not complete the work. These will be meaningful and engaging challenges, and your students might just surprise you with how much they’re able to do!

There's no additional prep work or materials needed: simply print class sets of the activities and tweak the schedule for the sub to fit your schedule, and you’re done.

*No more “busywork” in the form of low-level worksheets: activities are rigorous, inspire divergent thinking, and are aligned to standards so kids don’t miss a day of learning
*No more creating seperate lesson plans for students’ various ability levels: most activities are open-ended and therefore naturally differentiated
*No more racing around at the last minute gathering materials: all you need is a class set of photocopies for each day’s activities
*No more spending hours tweaking other sub plans you’ve found online: if you don’t like one activity, there are 9 more included for that subject area which you can quickly swap out
*No more hoping your students will actually do the work when you’re out: these resources are classroom-tested to ensure developmental appropriateness and engagement
*No more creating gigantic sub binders with every piece of reference info possible: forms are streamlined to include only the most important info so you can fill it out quickly and the sub doesn’t have to wade through stacks of info

These activities are rigorous for kids but EASY for subs: there are short, simple directions that ANY sub can easily follow, with no teaching required. If you end up with no sub and your students get split among other classes, you can have these stapled together as a packet for them to do in other teachers’ rooms.


Here’s what’s available as you purchase:

* Tips for simplifying sub preparation and making your absences run smoother (in PDF and audio form)
* Step-by-step instructions for creating a full year’s “emergency sub tub” if you’d like to do all your sub prep at once
* Editable forms with important class information for the sub to reference
* Editable sub plan template with the activities already filled in (simply tweak for your daily schedule and expectations)
* Editable slideshow for the substitute to display to the class with a personalized message from you and outline of the day’s schedule to keep everyone on track
* Editable sub report for the substitute to let you know how the day’s lessons went
* 10 days of complete lesson plans: ready-to-use activities for each of the 6 subject areas listed above (60 activities in total)


Download the free preview to get a better look at what’s included AND access one day’s lessons for FREE!


Every grade from K-12 is available! Click here to see other grade levels

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a lot of overlap between the 3rd, 4th and 5th-grade skills, so you will have duplicate and highly similar activities if you purchase multiple sub plans.

I recommend buying only ONE set of sub plans. Download the preview to see an entire day's worth of lessons. If those look too easy, choose the 4th grade bundle. If they look too hard, choose the 2nd grade bundle. The 2nd grade bundle is organized entirely differently and there is very little overlap with the 3rd grade bundle. All grades level are approximate/subjective and are not referenced anywhere in the student materials, so pick whatever resource best fits your students' needs.


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